Fishing Kingdom fish arcade game release by NetGame

Fishing Kingdom fish arcade game release by NetGame

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NetGame is finishing the autumn workflow marathon on the perfect point and happy to announce our latest news.

This week NetGame Entertainment, one of iGaming's foremost casino software providers, has released the Fishing Kingdom, a cutting-edge multiplayer skill game.

NetGame Entertainment’s Head of Business Development, Andrey Vajdyuk, said: “The Fishing Kingdom is a real hook for players and offers a huge amount of excitement as they battle against each other for underwater riches. Those that make it through the various levels and defeat the Big Boss will be fully deserving of their treasure.”

Do you want to try something great that will blow your fishing experience? Then get in the boat, choose your weapon, and get ready to reel in the big one! Brilliant art, new features, co-op up to 4 players online - dozens of benefits and features in 1 game. Free shots, pick 'em game, bonus wheel, super laser all you need to get the biggest haul.

base game

In the Base game, you will find a сannon, which will be your best friend for that time. For killing each fish, the player gains a distinct reward. Each type of fish has its chance of being killed and. Therefore, one or another has its payout. There is Auto Aim & Fire mode in the Base Game. It can be turned on for an endless amount of time and is activated simply by pressing the select button to start the aim mode. In this mode, the player can concentrate on his desired object and catch it with the laser.

In the Fishing Kingdom, you experience a wide range of Bonus features. With the Free Shots feature - at random times, the bonus symbol - a bubble with Free Shots appears on the screen, and by shooting the symbol, players have the chance to get a Free Shots.

In the Pick 'em game, the Pick 'em game's bonus symbol appears during gameplay, and by hitting it, players can trigger a Pick 'em game. The game has 5 prizes with x50, x100, x250, x1000, x2500 total bet wins.


Which great fishing can be without the big catch? Definitely not The Fishing Kingdom! You will have an impressive fight here with a Big Boss creature. By shooting the Big Boss, players have an excellent chance to hit a big prize. The sinister-looking Big Boss once killed, will pay players 600x winnings.

big boss

Successful players who reach Fishing Kingdom’s Super Laser will benefit from an incredibly destructive weapon that kills everything in its path as it has the power of 500 bullets in one hit. We can assure you would never have such a crazy fishing experience without it. If you nailed to shoot this symbol, no one could scare you, even the biggest fish in a Kingdom. The Super Laser gives players an excellent chance to get up to 500 laser hits and subdued any Kingdom, even with Big Boss.


Don't miss this spectacular Game - the Fishing Kingdom will fire you up!


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