Promo tools - the game will never get cools

Promo tools - the game will never get cools

Netgame Entertainment creates awesome games and we aim to do everything we can to help casinos and operators promote and support those games! Which is where NetGame's promotional tools come in.

The world's only Rich Free Spins feature alongside killer draws such as our amazing Progressive Jackpot Series Games, and, on top of all that, Bonus supported games that keep on rewarding, time-after-time.

Let’s deep into this whirlpool of NetGame’s promotional tools and talk about each of them in detail!

Free Spins

Let's start our exciting story with Free spins, which are the most common form of bonus feature in slots, where the player can make many free spins. It often accompanied by ancillary functions to increase the winning potential, as is a growing multiplier of winnings in Volcano Fruits or mystery-wilds in magic Tree.

Volcano Fruits Free Spins with growing multiplier

Stacked Symbols

Ocassionaly, the symbols fall out of the reels not quite randomly, but rather in solid vertical columns of identical symbols. Stacked symbols can be used in their entirety, as in Royal Fruits 20 or partially as in Wild Buffalo, where stacks are occasionally encountered. The main point is that this mechanic increases the number of winning combinations in slot machines, and the game appears to be much engaging and exciting.

Royal Fruits 20

Pick'em Bonus

Pick'em Bonus is a bonus feature that selects random items. This feature can be used as a separate bonus game like in Fortune Cash, where you can open 1 out of 3 money bags with different prize amounts are hidden there. Or as a supplement to another bonus game like in the Crazy Scientist slot, the Pick'em Bonus will determine how many free spins and with what multiplier you will get. Besides, there are different options in the Pick'em Bonus: it offers both the simple opening of objects (a principle that is applied in the Golden Skulls game) and the mechanical playing of "Pick until you match 3" (a perfect example is the Diamond Shot slot).

Crazy Scientist Pick'em Bonus


A Re-SPIN is another interesting kind of feature. The mini-bonus gives the player a chance for additional winnings without adding a new bet, and it can be used to "finish" the combination. You can see it in the African King slot when two scatters fall in you getting a re-spin option, which can eventually add a 3-skater to your bonus game or to form a new winning combination. You can try it in Space Rocks slot game, where re-spins are launched when wilds fall out, which in turn stretch the length of the reels.

African King


The Jackpot will be a cherry on the top of every slot game. Jackpot is a particularly valuable prize in the slot. They can be progressive or static. Progressive jackpots grow in direct proportion to how all players place bets in a particular game (such is in the Volcano Fruits machine gun). Static jackpots are fixed prize amounts that you can find in the Wild Buffalo slot.


Tumbling Reels

Tumbling Reels is a slot function with consecutive winnings mechanics. When the winning combination falls, the symbols explode and disappear, and the other symbols drop on top instead of them. With this deployment, the player gets a high chance of a new win-win combination. And with each of these successive wins, the multiplier can grow (as happens in Frosty Fruits). If we recall the Cloverstones slot, after 5 to 10 consecutive winnings, you will be entranced to the bonus round (in the case of the example, it is the free spins).

Cloverstones slot

Fortune Wheel

The Fortune Wheel is an additional or complete bonus function when you spin the wheel and get the result according to the sector where it stopped. The best example, in this case, is the Hit in Vegas slot, in which you will meet both kinds of Fortune Wheel. The Money Wheel in this game will bring you up to 1,000 bonus credits, and the Bonus Wheel will issue 1 of the 16 options for the subsequent game (free spins with different parameters).

Hit in Vegas slot Bonus Wheel

Gamble Feature

The double game is the players’ call to action to risk any winnings made at the machine to double it. At the same time, there is no cheating because of the players aware of a probability of 50-50 chance you can both get the desired doubling or lose your winnings. Disco Fruits uses the most simple doubling game, a card game of guessing the color of the playing card.

Pay-any Symbol(s)

We nearly forgot the Pay-any Symbol(s) feature! Whenever the Pay-any symbol appears anywhere on the reels, it brings a fixed gain. Unlike Skaters, Pay-any symbols are paid solo instead of for a few randomly. Hit in Vegas slot game has four Pay-any symbols - poker chips. Each of them will bring a gain of 1 to 25 of your bets when they appear.

Extra Bet

And of course, we all remember about Extra Bet tool. When the Extra Bet function is activated, you pay a monetary bonus to each of your bets, for which you receive an increased return. Do you want to try it? By activating Extra Bet in Dancing Lanterns slot, you get more winnings through often dropping of Random Wild symbols.

Dancing Lanterns slot


Totalizer is an opportunity to make a bet-forecast, kind of betting element in the game. And of course, if we talk about Totalizer, we think about MMA Legends slot, where you can bet that in the next N spins, a particular symbol will appear N times. If this happens, you will receive an additional prize according to the rate of bet-forecast. It’s like a real sports betting, but even more enjoyable!

MMA Legends slot Totalizer Feature

Hold n' Link

Hold n' Link is a bonus with a sequential accumulation of special bonus symbols to lead you to a big win. In Fruit Cash Hold n' Link, 6+ gold ball symbols on the reels run the Hold n' Link feature. Precisely, it activates three Free spins, during which the balloon symbols that have already fallen out will remain their places. The new balls that come out at this time will add +3 Free spins each. Theoretically, the player will have a chance to fill the playing field with balloon symbols.


We presented only a shortlist of NetGame promotional tools and game features today. Besides you always have your chances to try it in our games & experience it. Want to know more? Contact us any time and we’ll have an awesome chat!


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