A Year in Review 2019: Epic Roadshows

A Year in Review 2019: Epic Roadshows

We’ve just wrapped up a whirlwind of business trips to cap off a year that has us jetlagged and almost maxed out on frequent flyer miles

After returning from London (February 2020), we were met with a mandatory quarantine which gave us some time to reflect on our travels in 2019. So, here’s a look back at all of our roadshows from the previous year.

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the burgeoning Macau, we got the chance to show off our products and see some of the world’s best in the gaming industry! Over the course of the year, we had the chance to take part in IGB Live London, ICE Africa, SIGMA Malta, SAGSE Buenos Aires, ICE London, G2E Asia and G2E Vegas.

Our focus for the roadshows was to send our families postcards from as many awesome events as possible as well as put our ever-growing portfolio of unique titles on display. As President George W. Bush once famously said, a bit prematurely if you’re asking us, “Mission Accomplished”.

Here’s a short recap of what happened during 2019 and at the very beginning of 2020 at every show!

Recall all the exciting events we had participated in 2019

  • IGB Live in London was the first and the most memorable show our team participated in. We were able to showcase our portfolio of more than 20 slot titles that were crafted in the 2 years leading up to the event. The exhibition gave us ample networking opportunities with industry professionals and opened our eyes to new business opportunities and strategic directions.
  • ICE Africa took place in South Africa and surprised us with high energy and lots of business opportunities. We plan to continue growing our collaboration with our new partners and truly believe in growing within the African market.
  • SAGSE in Argentina was dedicated to the development of the iGaming industry, covering and exploring areas in Latin America. We were uplifted in our expectation of building a strong business presence in the region. Netgame also found out that we already have many game titles that will be successful in that market.
  • SIGMA Malta showwas a prolific event for us when it comes to achieving our business goals. Our executives had tons of collaboration-focused meetings that look promising. NetGame Entertainment impressed visitors and potential partners with our portfolio of really top-notch quality games, starting with the game ideas and then being actualized by the presentation and performance of the titles. After analyzing the results of the show, we are planning to double down on brand awareness and will take the overwhelmingly positive feedback into our upcoming games!
Events 2019
  • G2E Asia was an exciting event which highlighted the unlimited potential of entering Asian markets with numerous slot titles which reflect the numerous cultures of the region. Dancing Lanterns was recognized at the event as well.
  • ICE London 2020 was one of the biggest gaming events of the year, which brought together thousands of professionals across all sectors of the iGaming industry. The event, year after year, always amazes with its scale and number of innovations. A downside to that is that it’s harder to get noticed at events where there are just so many companies vying for attention. It was definitely a learning experience for us, one which will position us better the next time around.

While our games were the recipients of almost universal positivity, we’re still motivated to keep creating and have no plans to rest on our laurels anytime soon. Taking part in roadshows all around the globe gave us great insight into the strategy of producing diverse-market games. All the events combined gave us a new wave of inspiration to create more awesome games and build the brand in the right way.

Interested in what we have planned for 2020? It could be just sitting at home in our masks, but who knows. Maybe, we’ll get the chance to get out on the road again and show off what we’ve been doing since London. Follow us on social media and stay tuned because you definitely don’t want to miss out :)


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